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What is EMR?

EMR stands for European Mutual Recognition, a scheme that makes sure professional qualifications are recognised across EU member states. For applicants who trained outside the UK, this entitles them to periods of adaptation if their application is unsuccessful.

Applicants who trained outside the UK and are eligible for EMR must apply through this route, rather than an 'international' application, as they are subject to a different law.


Who can apply via EMR

You can apply for registration via EMR if you meet the following conditions.

  • You must be a citizen of a ‘relevant European state’ (an EEA Member State or Switzerland), or an exempt individual who is treated as citizen (e.g. by virtue of marriage);
  • You must be fully qualified to practise a relevant profession in a relevant European state (other than the UK) and, if the profession is not regulated in that state, to have practised there for at least one out of the last ten years;
  • You must have qualified in a relevant European state or hold qualifications obtained outside of the EEA or Switzerland which have been recognised in a relevant European state. (If the latter, you must also have practised the profession in that state for at least three years.)


How to apply via EMR

The EMR application process follows the format of the international applications process. The skills, education and training you submit via the EMR application forms are assessed by Registration Assessors, who make a decision within 60 working days. 

How to apply - international applications


Relevant European states

AT - Austria
BE - Belgium
BG - Bulgaria
CH - Switzerland
CY - Cyprus
CZ - Czech Republic
DE - Germany
DK - Denmark
EE - Estonia
EL - Greece
ES - Spain

ES - Spain
FI - Finland
FR - France
HR - Croatia
HU - Hungary
IE - Ireland
IS - Iceland
IT - Italy
LI - Liechtenstein
LT - Lithuania
LU - Luxembourg

LV - Latvia
MT - Malta
NL - Netherlands
NO - Norway
PL - Poland
PT - Portugal
RO - Romania
SE - Sweden
SI - Slovenia
SK - Slovakia


More information about EMR and qualifications

The mutual recognition of professional qualifications is governed by Directive 2005/36/EC. In the context of the professions we regulate, this promotes free movement within the EU and aids the process of establishment. You’ll need to quote this directive when applying, appealing or submitting information. It is also quoted when we set the terms of a POA, and in any letters of good standing and letters of legal establishment that we send to support registrants’ practice overseas.

More information is available on the European Commission website, or via UK NCP: the National Contact Point for professional qualifications for the UK.


Need help?

If you still have a question about international applications, please contact our International team:

More contact options are available on the team's contact page.