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International applications assessment process

An in-depth look at the assessment process for international applications. 

Step 1 - Application received by HCPC

If your application is accepted for processing, we will take the scrutiny payment (£539.65) at this stage.

You will receive an email with a link to WorldPay payment service. Please follow the link to make your payment; the link will remain active for 72 hours. If you do not access the link and make payment within this time frame, you will need to call us to make a debit/credit card payment. This will delay the application process as we cannot process your application without this payment.

We will contact you with a payment confirmation and provide you with the application reference number in the following format: ‘AA123456’. This reference number is important and you should use this each time you contact the HCPC to discuss your application through each stage.

If your application is not accepted for processing because of missing information, we will return it to the address on the form. You will then need to resubmit your application.

Step 2 - Initial processing – within four weeks from receipt

During this period we will contact your education provider, any relevant regulatory or professional bodies and any professional referees. We may also ask an outside agency to conduct these checks on our behalf. This is to verify the information that you have provided. We will not wait to hear from these contacts before sending your application to the next stage. You do not need to do anything until we have notified you of the outcome of the next stage of the process. 

Step 3 - Assessment – within 60 working days from receipt

The next stage is the assessment of your regulated education and training (for practice in another relevant European state) and any other relevant education, training or experience.

Your application will be sent to two assessors from the part of the Register to which you are applying. They will consider all of the information that you have submitted before making their recommendation.

First, they will compare your regulated education and training with our standards of proficiency. If they identify shortfalls, they will look to see if these have been made up through any other relevant education, training or experience. They will then send a recommendation to the Education and Training Committee (ETC). This recommendation will be then reviewed by the ETC who will send their decision to you.

Please note that we can only base our decision on the information provided in the application. We do not contact referees, training institutions, or employers to obtain further information about your training or work experience.

We will endeavour to send a Record of Assessment to you within 60 working days of receipt. This Record of Assessment may include a request for further information which will prolong the processing time of your application. For this reason it is important that you include as much relevant information as possible when you submit your application.

If your application is successful, you will receive a second WorldPay payment link by email for payment of your registration fees.

Need help?

If you still have a question about international applications, please contact our International team:

More contact options are available on the team's contact page.

Page updated on: 29/10/2018