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UK applications process

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2 Processing

3 Check the register

We aim to process all applications within 10 working days. Successful applicants will have their details added to the Register automatically (please note that checking the Register online is the quickest way of confirming success). Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by writing.

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Read the Standards of proficiency

Before you apply you must ensure that you read and understand the Standards of proficiency for your chosen profession. It is extremely important that you do this, as your application will be assessed against these. 

Browse our standards of proficiency by profession

Include as much as possible

Include as much relevant information as possible in your application. If we require more information about your experience, education or training, we will need to do this in writing via a Record of Assessment, after which you will be able to find and send the requested information. This often causes the process to take significantly more time.

Page updated on: 30/10/2018