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Panel Members include members of the public (lay) and registered members of all the professions HCPC regulates. They consider information and evidence presented to them to reach well-reasoned and fair decisions on registrants’ fitness to practise cases.

Final Hearing

If concerns are raised about a HCPC registrant, these are investigated by the HCPC's FTP Department, who may refer the matter to an Investigating Panel.

This Panel meets in private and does not make a decision about whether the allegation is proven; but only whether there is a realistic prospect that the HCPC will be able to establish the allegation at a substantive hearing.

If the Investigating Panel decides that there is a case to answer, the allegations will be referred to:

  • a Conduct and Competence Panel (if the allegation concerns misconduct, lack of competence, a conviction or caution, or a determination by another regulatory body);
  • a Health Panel (if the allegation concerns the health of the registrant);
    Interim order hearings

If the HCPC receives an allegation about a registrant that is very serious, it may apply to a panel for an interim order to prevent the registrant from practising (interim suspension order), or to place limits on their practice (interim conditions of practice order) until their case is heard at a substantive hearing.

If an interim order is imposed this will be reviewed by a panel at regular intervals to decide if an order is still necessary.

Reviews of substantive orders

Under Article 30 of the Health Professions Order 2001, where a panel has imposed a suspension order or conditions of practise order, the order must be reviewed by a panel before it expires.

Page updated on: 30/10/2018