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Raising a concern about a programme: a step-by-step guide

30 Sep 2018

Anyone can raise a concern about an education and training programme we have approved.

For example, this could be because an applicant believes admissions processes weren’t followed; perhaps learners did not receive the support they expected owing to staffing issues, or practice educators may feel unprepared to provide supervision. 

Here are three key steps to raising a concern

1 Raise the concern with the education provider first

Education providers must have ’a thorough and effective process in place for receiving and responding to learner complaints’, so it’s important to go down this route before contacting us. 

2 Contact us

if the education provider completes its internal investigation and the person is not satisfied with the outcome, they need to contact us to talk through the issue. Based on this discussion, we will decide whether to investigate. 

3 Investigation

If we investigate, we will send our findings to the person who has raised the concern within two to four weeks, alongside a recommendation for the future approval of the programme. Our Education and Training Committee will then make a final decision about the programme.

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Page updated on: 08/11/2018