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Re-focusing approval visits

28 Jun 2018

Following updates to our standards of education and training (SETs) and feedback from our stakeholders, we have decided to re-focus two of the required meetings at approval visits.

  • Senior team – along with senior staff from the education provider we now also ask to meet senior staff from any partner institutions, including organisations that provide practice-based learning. We appreciate that education providers work very closely with other organisations which this allows us to focus this meeting on the strategic intent, and high level resource management of the programme, across multiple parties.
  • Practice-based learning staff – removing senior staff from organisations that provide practice-based learning from this meeting allows us to focus it on the learner-facing element of practice-based learning. We now expect to meet practice educators who are responsible for supervising learners, to discuss practical elements of practice-based learning.

We have updated our draft agenda with this information, and when undertaking visits a member of our team will help you to ensure we have the right people in the right meetings.

Page updated on: 22/08/2018