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We are listening to your feedback

28 Jun 2018

In our recent biannual survey, 90 per cent of responses were positive about the way we regulate education and training. However, we have identified the following areas for improvement.

Improving communications; making clear to education providers the reasons for our decision-making, process timeframes, requirements and ways of working.
Making it clear why it is important to submit observations on approval reports to Education and Training Committee (ETC), and the process for doing so.
Better online and social media communication.

Some feedback has already been taken forward. For example, following strong feedback that we should not require paper copy documents, in the next academic year we will not require paper documents for the annual monitoring process.

The ETC will monitor our progress in making these improvements. Stay up to date by checking the Committee papers. We also welcome feedback at any time. If you would like to suggest an improvement to our processes or ways of working, please get in touch.

Page updated on: 22/08/2018