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Innovating and adding value – our new graduate survey

24 Sep 2021

How we are integrating the view of new graduates into our quality assurance activities

A key pillar of our new Education quality assurance model is to use data and intelligence to enable more effective risk-based decision making.

When developing the new model, we considered we could do more to integrate the view of new graduates into how we assess quality. To fill the gap, we produced a survey aimed to gather insight about how education and training prepared graduates for practice. We received positive feedback from education providers when developing this feedback exercise, who noted this would add value to their internal exercise to improve quality.

We are asking questions of those who graduated in 2020, meaning they are able to consider their transition from training to practice. We consider insight gained from this exercise can be used by:

  • Us to consider the quality of education and training, and then employer support in making the transition to practice
  • Education providers to reflect on and improve their provision
  • Employers to consider how they can support individuals making the transition 

We appreciate that learners and graduates are asked to complete lots of surveys, so have focused questions on areas which are not covered by other exercises. Our focus is on how the quality of learning prepared graduates for practice, and how supported they felt during their transition from a trainee to a newly qualified practitioner.

Eligible registrants will have received an email inviting them to complete the survey, and we have received good early response rates. The more responses we receive the better, so we are asking education providers to encourage your graduates from 2020 to complete the survey by share this link through your alumni networks: 

The survey closes at the end of October 2021.

This initiative links to our corporate strategy and values. We intend to be ‘enterprising’, meaning we seek opportunities to be creative and foster innovation to improve our performance. A key priority area of work is to ‘develop insight and exert influence’, meaning we learn from data and research to inform our decision making and share insights to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and well-being of the public. 

Page updated on: 24/09/2021