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Engaging with our performance review process

21 Jan 2022

Through our performance review process, we seek to gain assurance regarding an institution’s continued alignment to our education standards.

This is a reflective process for the provider, focusing on assessing performance and quality, and any risks identified. We incentivise good performance through this process, with providers who show high performance needing to engage with us less frequently through this process.

All education providers will be taken through our new performance review process before September 2024. We have selected about 50 providers who will engage in 2021-22, and have contacted all these providers about specific requirements.

If you have not been selected in the first year, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the performance review process, and the areas we will ask you to reflect upon in your portfolio submission.

Planning to consider how you will reflect on your performance in the following areas will help you when it comes to submitting your portfolio:

  • Institution self-reflection, including resourcing, partnerships, quality, the input of others, and equality and diversity
  • Thematic reflection, focusing on timely developments within the education sector
  • Provider reflection on the assessment of other sector bodies, including professional bodies and systems regulators
  • Provider reflection on developments linked to specific professions
  • Stakeholder feedback and actions


You can discuss the process with your regional lead, and there is further detailed information about the portfolio submission in our webinar recording.

Page updated on: 21/01/2022