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Our new education quality assurance model – the new normal

20 Jan 2022

We launched our new education quality assurance model in September, and have spent the last four months scaling up.

In this period, we have:

  • Established key contacts at providers and other key groups – to ensure we can work with the right people, at the right time, on the right things
  • Rolled out our regional approach – delivering regional leads across the four UK nations
  • Delivered live data points into the model, allowing us to make risk based decisions based on the data
  • Started working with providers through our new 'performance review' monitoring process


What we are doing moving forward:

  • From January 2022, we are running the model to full capacity. This means we will begin to undertake reviews through performance review, along with running our new approval process, and working with stakeholders on a regional and national basis
  • We will deliver further data and insight through our new graduate survey work
  • Over the summer of 2022, we will evaluate how the model has scaled – coming to conclusions linked to how the model has scaled, and whether we have delivered what aimed to achieve

We remain confident that the new model provides what we need as a regulator, will be less burdensome for stakeholders, and will add value for all. You can find further support in our Education section.

Page updated on: 20/01/2022