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What is the professional liaison service?

How our bespoke workshops and general sessions can help you get the most out of the HCPC.

The HCPC is working to become a preventative regulator that supports its registrants. The professional liaison service has been established to help achieve this.     

About the Professional Liaison Service 

  • As a regulator, our overriding objective is public protection and maintenance of confidence in the professions we regulate. 
  • The HCPC Professional Liaison Service was established in 2020 following a decision to invest in more upstream regulation. Upstream regulation describes an approach to regulation that is focussed on prevention, partnership and support. 
  • Working in partnership with employers and other stakeholders, our new Professional Liaison Service aims to influence and support the development of cultures, working environments and practices that will enable our registrants to embed and achieve high professional standards. 
  • There is no charge for the consultancy support and educational programmes provided by the Professional Liaison Service. We are committed to supporting the professionalism of our registrants and preventing harm.

Contact the professional liaison service at  

Alongside the bespoke, employer specific sessions we deliver general sessions for employers as a stakeholder group. Last year we delivered workshops virtually related to the following topics:  

  • How the HCPC can support your registrants  
  • What does the HCPC say about professional behaviour and how to deal with unprofessionalism 
  • Fitness to practise trends 
  • Does my registrant need to self-referral to the HCPC? 
  • What the HCPC health and character guidance says and how it is applied to your registrants  
  • Plenty of time to answer your questions and be a link to the HCPC 

The attendees were asked to provide anonymous feedback and responded as follows;  


We will be delivering a new series of these virtual workshops this year for employers to attend. We are currently in the process of planning them and we would really appreciate your input around topics you would find useful.  

Furthermore, if you would like to partner with professional liaison service for more bespoke support and advice or to explore options, please also contact us at 

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Page updated on: 25/02/2022