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Chair of the HCPC announces search for Council Apprentice

17 Nov 2020

Christine Elliott

HCPC Chair of Council

As Chair of the HCPC, I am delighted to announce that we have begun the search for a Council Apprentice.

The role provides an opportunity for a talented person to gain boardroom experience and skills as a member of the HCPC’s most senior decision-making group.  

The HCPC is an important public body, and our purpose is to protect the public and support health and care professionals. Our Council helps to guide and support the HCPC’s executive as a team, ensuring that this purpose is at the heart of everything we do.

A key element of protecting the public and supporting professionals is making sure equality, diversity and inclusion are central to our organisation. One of the things we have come to realise is that this means we need greater diversity among our key decision-making groups.

For this reason, we encourage applications from all backgrounds and communities, and are committed to having a team that is made up of diverse skills, experiences and abilities. We actively encourage Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority candidates to help to address under-representation on our Council at the moment. We are hopeful that this apprenticeship opportunity will provide a vital first step for someone.

Once appointed, our Council Apprentice will take part in all our Council meetings and associated activity. They will also get involved in our Audit Committee to maximise their transferable experience of governance.

This is a unique opportunity in our sector, and I look forward to working with our Council Apprentice. They will play a crucial role enhancing the range of opinions and perspectives around our board table, helping us to guard against ‘group think’ and to truly represent the diverse needs of our stakeholders.

More details on how to apply for our Council Apprentice role can be found here.

Christine Elliott, Chair of The HCPC

Page updated on: 17/11/2020