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HCPC Digital Transformation Strategy

14 Apr 2021
Neil Cuthbertson

Neil Cuthbertson

Executive Director of Digital Transformation

A core part of successfully delivering on HCPC’s new five-year corporate strategy is our ambitious plan for digital transformation.

Our Digital Transformation Strategy sets out our vision to be the UK’s leading regulator for the effective use of digital technology which fully supports us as an agile organisation. At the heart of our plan, is creating the best experiences for everyone who interacts with HCPC.

This represents not only a major step forward in the integration of digital capabilities into all we do, but is also a significant cultural change that involves adjustments to our teams, processes and technologies. To achieve this, the strategy has five guiding principles to accelerate and keep the transformation journey on track.

These principles set out our ambitions to invest in new technologies and the organisation’s increased focus on the use of advanced data and analytics. Alongside this investment and increased use of data, HCPC will invest in skills and new ways of working to enable it to better understand and use innovative technology to benefit our registrants, colleagues, students, employers, educators, government, council members, partners and members of the public.

The strategy will act as our roadmap, we are already well under way with the implementation of the first phases of work. This includes updating all of our key regulatory systems in order to create a frictionless user experience, from registration to renewal and all other interactions with HCPC.

We must also continually improve our systems and this strategy will help us to do that. We appreciate that there have recently been some teething problems with our new registration IT system, affecting a small proportion of registrants when we have collected their direct debits. We are communicating with all those affected and resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Our transformation journey will ensure that HCPC is in the best position to exploit the latest technologies and approaches, all of which will be driven by our users’ needs.

We will keep you updated with our progress through regular updates on the HCPC blog. If you would like to read more about our Digital Transformation Strategy please feel free to download it below. 

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