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Launching the HCPC’s new People Strategy

19 Jan 2022
Fatma Ali

Fatma Ali

Head of Human Resources & Organisational Development

This week we launched our new People Strategy 2021-2026, which sets out the HCPC’s vision for the development of its employees, both at an individual and organisational level, over the next five years.

We are delighted to have a forward-thinking strategy which reflects our new values and behaviours, which has been developed through engagement with our employees and Council members.

The central aims of the People Strategy are for the HCPC to be an organisation where employees feel that they belong and are valued, and that we continue to foster highly skilled and talented individuals who enjoy working for the HCPC and can help us achieve our goals.

The People Strategy is underpinned by the HCPC’s Corporate Strategy which sets out our ambition to be a high performing, adaptable and caring regulator - something that can only be achieved through the HCPC’s people, our most valuable resource.

The new strategy also supports and aligns with our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Strategy and Registrant Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

To achieve the goals and aims of our different strategies, we need to ensure that we bring our people on the journey. This means ensuring that we recruit, develop, support and retain our employees in the context of rapidly changing professional norms.

Over the last few months, the Human Resources & Organisational Development team have developed the People Strategy through close engagement and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. This included multiple staff surveys, workshops and evaluation forms.

In the coming months, we will be engaging with our employees for their response to the strategy. We will hold workshops, briefings and HR drop-in sessions so that everyone has a chance to share their perspective.

I am personally committed to creating an effective, inclusive and compassionate working environment, and the HR team are looking forward to working with colleagues to bring the new People Strategy to life.

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