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We might contact you about your Direct Debit

09 Apr 2019

You can spread the cost of your registration fee over the two-year professional cycle by Direct Debit.

We use the BACS Payments Schemes Limited (BACS) system to manage this process. All Direct Debit Instructions must now include the account holder’s name.

This wasn’t a requirement when many registrants set up their Direct Debits, and so we don’t have the account holder’s name for all the Direct Debits we collect.

If your Direct Debit needs updating, we will write to you with details of how to do this over the next few months. If contacted, please use the pre-paid business reply envelope to return your completed Direct Debit Instruction back to us. If we don’t contact you, your Direct Debit is correct and no action is needed.

You can find more information about the benefits of paying by Direct Debit here.

Page updated on: 09/04/2019