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Request confirmation of your registration status

Also known as a certificate of current professional status or letter of good standing

Through your online account, you can request a confirmation of your current registration status. This is also known as a certificate of current professional status (CCPS) or letter of good standing. You may require this if you're applying for a job or registration in a country outside the UK. 

The confirmation is a single page PDF document which contains your personal details, registration status and any practice restrictions in place on the date of issue. 

These details are accurate only of the document's date of the issue. The best way to check registration status is on our online Register, which is updated every day. 

How to request the confirmation document

  1. Navigate to the homepage of your online account
  2. In the 'Confirmation of current registration status' section, click 'Click here to review'
  3. Select your registration number from the dropdown and click the download button

To view your full registration record, including the date of your first registration and details of all historic practice restrictions, please write to with your registration number, address and date of birth. We will generate the information from our records and email it to you. 

Subject access requests

By placing a subject access request, you can exercise your right to view all the information held about you by an organisation.

If you wish to do this, please send us your details via post. We'll check them against our records and send the information back to your registered address.

We'll need your full name, address, date of birth, registration number (or application number) and your signature. Please make sure that the words 'Subject Access Request' are clear on your letter and send this to our Registration team's postal address.

If we have queries regarding your subject access request, we'll write to you requesting further information. This is to make sure that your details aren't sent to anyone else.

Please note, if your letter doesn't contain all of your details, or if you contact us by phone or email, we won't be able to process your request.

Page updated on: 20/12/2022