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Diversity Data Report 2021

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) aims to be recognised as an organisation that actively upholds and promotes best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion. Improving the quantity and quality of our diversity data is an important step towards achieving this aim.

This report presents the findings from our registrant survey held between December 2020 and March 2021. The survey collected data relating to protected characteristics and socio-economic indicators, as well as workplace information.

Analysis and findings will inform our understanding and knowledge of the diversity and experiences of our registrants. This is important to help us identify and address the impacts of our policies, processes and decisions and to ensure that we are effectively supporting and engaging with registrants.

We recognise that this data and analysis will also be helpful to employers and other stakeholders looking to support the development of a diverse, well-resourced health and care workforce.

The report also provides an analysis of employee, partner and Council data to inform our approaches to promote equality, diversity and inclusion internally.

We would like to thank all the registrants who completed our survey, our stakeholders, including professional bodies, who promoted the survey to their members, and to NHS Digital for providing benchmark data.


Diversity Data 2021 factsheets

Our factsheets provides the key EDI information by profession and how the demographics of each group compare to the demographics of HCPC registrants overall

Download our factsheets