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Reflecting on your practice and its emotional impact with Schwartz rounds

In 2019, we commissioned the University of Surrey to produce a film evidencing the process and benefits of Schwartz rounds.

Group reflection within a team

Case study: Munira is a physiotherapist working in private practice. She has treated her service user Russel for the last three months after he was involved in a fall at home.

Reflecting by yourself

Case study: Emily is a dietitian working in an NHS Trust hospital. She also volunteers at a local charity that raises awareness about diabetes at events and conferences

Being open and honest when things go wrong

The requirement to be open and honest, otherwise known as the duty of candour, is part of the standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

Section 4 – Practice outside of the United Kingdom

For those who qualified more than five years ago and have been practising outside of the UK since qualifying

Swiss Mutual Recognition (SMR) applications

Applicants who trained outside the UK and are eligible for SMR must apply through this route, rather than an 'international' application