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Verifying your information

We'll contact your education provider, any relevant regulatory or professional bodies and any professional referees to verify your details

Periods of adaptation (POAs)

Information about periods of supervised practice intended to make up for significant shortfalls in an international application

FAQs and resources

Further information and guidance to help you determine what is and is not in your scope of practice

Sale, supply and administration

Local arrangements can be made to allow health and care professionals who are not prescribers to supply or administer medicines


To be a prescriber means to have the legal authority to issue prescriptions

Approaching supervision

Key principles and factors to consider when approaching supervision in your professional practice

Supervision case studies and templates

This section includes case studies and templates to demonstrate how to approach supervision effectively

Supervision FAQs and further resources

This section includes additional resources and FAQs to help you approach supervision and apply this in your practice

FOI Compliance statistics - 2021

Our Freedom of information (FOI) compliance statistics are published on a quarterly basis. See statistics for 2021.