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Disclosing information with consent

In most cases, you will need to make sure you have consent from the service user before you disclose or share any identifiable information

Consent and confidentiality

It is important that you get the service user’s permission, or ‘consent’, before you share or disclose their information or use it for reasons which are not related to the care or services you provide for them

Keeping information safe

You need to take all reasonable steps to protect information about service users. By ‘reasonable steps’, we mean that you need to take sensible, practical measures to make sure that you keep the information safe.

What information is confidential?

Information about a service user can be ‘identifiable’ or ‘anonymised’, by identifiable information we mean any information you hold about a service user that could identify them, you must treat this information as confidential

Introduction to confidentiality

Confidentiality means protecting personal information, this information might include details of a service user’s lifestyle, family, health or care needs which they want to be kept private

Sole practitioners' group

Case study: Carl is a podiatrist working in independent practise. He is a sole practitioner and has run his business for 10 years

Policy statement on HCPC’s approach to developing memorandums of understanding

This policy statement sets out our broad approach to developing memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with other organisations.

HCPC statement on student supervision

This statement sets out our broad expectations regarding registration participation in the supervision of students from HCPC approved programmes.

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