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#MyHCPCStandards webinar - Standard 3

Work within the limits of your knowledge and skills

What the standard says:

  • Keep within your scope of practice

    3.1 You must keep within your scope of practice by only practising in the areas you have appropriate knowledge, skills and experience for.

    3.2 You must refer a service user to another practitioner if the care, treatment or other services they need are beyond your scope of practice.

    Maintain and develop your knowledge and skills

    3.3 You must keep your knowledge and skills up to date and relevant to your scope of practice through continuing professional development.

    3.4 You must keep up to date with and follow the law, our guidance and other requirements relevant to your practice.

    3.5 You must ask for feedback and use it to improve your practice.

Page updated on: 30/11/2020