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Registration renewal window now open for Practitioner Psychologists

03 Mar 2021

To renew, registrants must complete a professional declaration and pay a renewal fee no later than the deadline to avoid being removed from the Register.

Problems activating your account from our email?
We are aware of an issue for some registrants when trying to access the activation link in their invitation to renew email. Please use the Activate your account’ link below.

Renewing online

The deadline to submit a renewal is Monday 31 May 2021. Renewing online is quick and easy. To do this, registrants will first need to activate their online account. 

At the start of the renewal window you will receive correspondence via email and SMS text message inviting you to renew. It is important that we hold the correct email for you. Please contact us if you need to update this. 

Before you can log into the online system, you will need to activate your account.

This is a one off process for those who have not yet used the new system launched in October 2020.

Activate your account

How to activate your account

The system is secure and uses a two-factor authentication. This means you will need an active phone number (mobile or landline) to log in each time.

When you have logged into your account, a message will be displayed on your home page telling you when your registration is due to expire and if you need to renew your registration.

It is essential that your personal details, including contact details and payment information, are kept up to date. If we have incorrect details, your renewal may not be successful processed and your name may be removed from the Register.

Log in to your account

How to renew online

You must make a professional declaration once every two years in order to stay registered. 

Instructions will appear in your account as to how to complete your declaration.

Professional declaration explained

If you're paying by direct debit, make sure your payment details are correct so that the money can be taken from your account. If you pay by an alternative method, ensure that you make the payment before renewal window closes. 

If the fee has not fully transferred by the time the window closes, your registration will not be considered renewed.

How to pay your fees

The fee is tax deductible, which means that registrants have the ability to reduce the cost by claiming tax relief. Registrants can also spread the cost of the fee by paying in instalments.

Claiming back tax

Submitting a CPD profile

A random sample of 2.5 per cent of the profession will also be selected to submit a continuing professional development (CPD) profile during this period. Those selected for audit will receive separate correspondence after the renewal window has opened. More information, including sample profiles, activity types and video guidance, is available on our website here.

Page updated on: 03/03/2021