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How to make a declaration

There are three instances in which you would provide health and character information to the HCPC.

1. When you apply to join the Register

When you fill in your application form, we ask you to declare information about your health and character. Provide anything you think is relevant as this saves delays if we need to ask for more details later.

If applying using a physical form (international applications only), you can help reduce the risk of delays in processing your paperwork by providing all additional information relating to your health or character declaration on a separate piece of paper.

Being registered places extra responsibilities on you to act in a professional way. This includes declaring any information which will impact either your character or health. If you do not provide accurate information in your application, or if you fail to provide all the relevant information, you will be making a ‘false declaration’. Making a false declaration can result in you being removed from our Register, so it is important you are honest throughout the application process.

2. When you renew your registration

As a registrant, you will renew your registration every two years. Each time you renew your registration, you must make a 'professional declaration'. In this declaration, you only need to declare changes to your health and character that affect your fitness to practise.

3. When there is a change in your health and character

As a HCPC registrant you have a personal responsibility to maintain and manage your own fitness to practise. This includes giving us any information about changes to your health or character which might affect your fitness to practise.

When you provide information about a change to your health and character, we would consider this as a self-referral.


Page updated on: 30/07/2021