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Step 3 - Pay your renewal fee

You can choose to pay your renewal fee in full, or spread the cost by direct debit

We will not collect your direct debit until you have completed your professional declaration.

  1. In the next part, you will get a payment breakdown of the renewal fee, over the two years. From here you can also select how you will pay for your fee. You can either pay in full (by credit/debit card) or via four instalments, taken every six months.


    From here, you can select to continue to pay via an existing direct debit. 

    If you select to pay the fee in full, then you will be presented with a WorldPay transaction page, where you can a securely pay for your renewal via credit/debit card. (Please allow up to three days for your payment to reach our account – payment processing speeds can differ depending on your bank.)

    If you do not have an active direct debit set up, then you will receive a message asking you to supply these details. Follow the instructions and enter your payment information. Once they have been saved, you will then be able to continue onto the next step to submit your renewal.

  2. After you have selected a payment method, click 'Submit Renewal' to finish the process.


  3. Once you have submitted your renewal and valid payment arrangements, you will receive an email to confirm that you have renewed your registration for the next two years.

    If you have chosen to pay via direct debit, your first instalment will be collected at the next direct debit collection date for your profession.

    You can find out more about direct debit collection dates on our 'Your renewal fee payments' page below:
Page updated on: 28/02/2023