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Changes to our registration fees

Our fees have changed from 9 November 2023

In February 2023, the HCPC Council approved proposals to increase registrant fees following a UK wide consultation process. This process involved an online consultation, webinars with registrants, focus groups with members of the public and discussions with professional bodies, unions and Government.

This fee rise will ensure we can continue to invest in maintaining and further enhancing patient safety, as well as improving the experience of registrants interacting with our systems and processes.

For more information, read our consultation analysis and decision report >

The fee was agreed in consultation with the UK and Scottish Governments and has completed the necessary legislative processes. Following this rise, we will review our fees periodically in the context of our commitment to high quality regulation and long-term financial stability.


Changes to the application fee 

This is a one-off non-refundable payment, which is the fee to process your application.


Old fee

Fee from 9 Nov 2023

Approved programme (UK) scrutiny fee



Readmission / Restoration*



International scrutiny fee



*This fee will be paid alongside the registration fee.

Changes to the registration fee

Successful applicants need to pay the registration fee to join the Register. Registrants continue to pay a registration fee every two years as part of the renewal process.

Registration fee 

Old fee
(per year)

Fee from 9 Nov 2023 (per year)

Registration / Renewal



New graduates**



**UK graduate applicants receive a 50 per cent discount on their registration fees for the first two full professional years of registration, as long as they apply within two years of completing their approved programme.

Frequently asked questions

  • All applicants submitting their application on or after 9 November 2023 will pay the new fees.

    Registrants will pay the new fee when their next renewal window opens.
    Check your renewal date

    The first profession to renew at the new rate will be radiographers from 1 December 2023.

  • No - existing registrants will continue to make payments (if paying by direct debit) at the old rate until their profession renews.

For more information, please contact our Policy team:

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Page updated on: 09/11/2023