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Professional liaison groups

A professional liaison group (or ‘PLG’) provides advice to the Council or committees on strategic issues. Either the Council, or a committee can decide to set up a PLG, to look at a specific issue and report back.

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee advises the Council on matters relating to education, training and registration

Remuneration Committee

This committee reviews the annual salary of our employees

Former committees

Following the Council's restructure, which came into effect on 1 January 2014, we reviewed our committees and some were disbanded. Their work was absorbed by the Council

Attending meetings

Council, committee and public liaison group meetings are public so anyone can attend

Code of Corporate Governance

The Code incorporates a series of regulatory documents and policies

What to expect from us

We recognise that the fitness to practise process can be a stressful experience so we try to make our process as open and clear as possible

What our investigation would involve

If we decide that a concern is within our remit at the triage stage, we will carry out an initial investigation

How we investigate health concerns

The HCPC takes a proportionate approach to investigating concerns about a registrant’s physical or mental health

What we mean by ‘practising your profession’

We have defined ‘practising your profession’ as drawing on your professional skills and knowledge in the course of your work.