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Our data on equality, diversity and inclusion

We collect diversity data from our employees, Council members, fitness to practise partners, and the healthcare professionals on our register

We collect equality, diversity and inclusion data from our employees, Council members, partners* and the healthcare professionals on our register. 

By delving into the data we hold, we can develop a better understanding of how different groups are affected by our processes.

Our ambitions to be a fair and inclusive regulator and employer go beyond complying with the requirements of equality and human rights legislation (including our public sector equality duties). This starts with understanding and evidencing the EDI profile of our registrants, partners and employees. Data unlocks the potential to shine a light on the issues with a strong evidence base to back it up.

Overall, we need to garner a more holistic and transparent EDI data profile in order to identify and take action to address any potential discrimination, harassment, and/or unconscious/conscious bias. We must first gain this (current) picture before we are able to begin analysing the impact of our regulation on our registrants in relation to their EDI characteristics and understanding how the demographics are evolving through time.

Submit your EDI data

If you're on the HCPC Register, you can submit or update your EDI data through your online account. Click the 'My account' link at the top right of this page, or click below to go there. 

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Page updated on: 29/10/2020