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Review shows new standard is well understood by providers

19 Sep 2018

“We want to provide learners with a narrative of service user and carers’ experience living with their condition. We do this by involving them to deliver the programme and develop our method to assess and admit learners.”

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Shirley Masterton

Programme Leader at Sheffield Hallam University

We know that registrants, service users and our other stakeholders recognise the important role that service users and carers play in developing healthcare education and training programmes.

In 2014 we introduced a standard to reflect this, and a recent review shows that the vast majority of providers were able to meet it straight away.

With help and support, education providers became increasingly competent in meeting the standard and familiar with its requirements. But for the small number that didn’t meet the standard straight away, common issues included a lack of evidence to demonstrate policies and procedures, and not enough support and training in place for service users and carers. Also, it was often unclear which parts of the programme they were involved in.

Page updated on: 27/09/2018