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What is the professional liaison service?

How our bespoke workshops and general sessions can help you get the most out of the HCPC.

Employer Insights: Advice for Witnesses

Information to help your employees feel prepared before testifying and who to contact with further questions.

The benefits of supervision - an employer’s perspective

The British Psychological Society's Dr Noreen Tehrani looks at the different types of supervision from an employer's perspective - including the different benefits that employers stand to gain and tips to ensure its success.

AHP Support and Supervision: The Scotland Story

Gail Nash, NHS Education for Scotland's AHP Practice Education Programme Lead, tells the story of how NHS Scotland developed models and strategies that enable AHPs to participate in meaningful supervision practice.

Social media case studies

These case studies demonstrate the positive and negative effects social media use can have on registrant’s practice

Our guidance on the use of social media

How to ensure you meet our standards by using social media effectively and sensitively

Webinar: communicate appropriately and effectively

#MyHCPCStandards​ webinar series: Session 2 - communicate appropriately and effectively

What is your scope of practice

But how do you determine what your scope of practice is? This page, and the resources within it, will help.

Resources on record keeping

We have listed the main resources that we signpost registrants to, when they have a question about record keeping

FAQs on record keeping

We get many questions about record keeping from registrants. This page runs through the most common questions and signposts to other sources of advice

Webinar: keep records of your work

#myHCPCstandards​ webinar series: standard 7 - reporting concerns about safety

Protecting the health and safety of others

We expect our registrants to take all reasonable steps to reduce risk of harm, and to maintain a safe practice environment

A Year in Highlights 2019-20

Our Year in Highlights show the HCPC’s work from the 1st of April 2019 through to the 31st of March 2020.