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Report concerns about safety

As a student you should:

  • speak to an appropriate member of staff at your education provider or practice placement provider promptly if you are worried about the safety or wellbeing of service users, carers or others. 
  • put the safety and wellbeing of service users before any personal concerns, for example, about assessments, marks, other work related to your programme, employment prospects or other personal gain.

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What the standard says:

  • Report concerns

    7.1 You must report any concerns about the safety or well-being of service users promptly and appropriately.

    7.2 You must support and encourage others to report concerns and not prevent anyone from raising concerns.

    7.3 You must take appropriate action if you have concerns about the safety or well-being of children or vulnerable adults.

    7.4 You must make sure that the safety and well-being of service users always comes before any professional or other loyalties.

    Follow up concerns

    7.5 You must follow up concerns you have reported and, if necessary, escalate them.

    7.6 You must acknowledge and act on concerns raised to you, investigating, escalating or dealing with those concerns where it is appropriate for you to do so.

Page updated on: 30/09/2020