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Finding time for CPD

One of registrants’ biggest challenges can be finding time for CPD in an overcrowded schedule. It can feel impossible to record, let alone carry out. But registrants often find that a few simple changes make a big difference.

In this video, registrants from Kings College London and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh explain the techniques they use to find time for CPD.

Rethinking CPD activities 

CPD isn’t just going to courses and doing projects. It can be as simple as:

  • Reflecting on patient contact at the end of the day
  • Discussing and reviewing activities with other members of staff
  • Running a group and discussing it with co-facilitators
  • Observing how others operate in your workplace
  • Adapting your own methods of working


Recording little and often

Thinking about it differently, you might find you are undertaking CPD multiple times a day without realising it. These instances can be recorded little and often, without needing to set aside chunks of time, and can become second nature.

Working like this you should find that your CPD workload is much more manageable, and can inform your work going forwards. Reducing the pressure on yourself around CPD is also vital: registrants’ mental health is not only crucial for safe and effective working, as set out in our standards, but it’s also the source of emotional resilience that we all need to live a fulfilling life.


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Page updated on: 24/06/2020