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Understanding your EDI

On your online account, you will see there is now a section for you to record equality information such as your marital status, ethnic background and sexual orientation.

It should take no longer than five minutes to complete this section. Once you have saved your data you can go back and edit it at any time.

Understanding your EDI

  • HCPC is committed to making our services inclusive for everyone. To do this, we need to significantly improve the quality of our data and insights to inform our understanding and knowledge of the diversity and experiences of our registrants, their service users, our colleagues and partners. When we understand the diversity of our registrants,  we can identify and address how different groups are impacted by our policies, processes, and decisions. Without information from across the professions, it is difficult for us to confidently say that specific groups of registrants are being treated fairly.

    Simply put, the decisions we make affect you – so we want to be as informed about you as possible.


  • Access to this information will be restricted to staff/contracted researchers involved in the processing and monitoring of this data. It will be used to provide statistical information only, and personal information will not be visible to any of our Fitness to Practise, Education or Registration colleagues or partners

    Please also note that, because this information is not visible to our Fitness to Practise teams, and is used purely for the purposes of monitoring equality and diversity. As such, any information you provide to us about disability or a health condition in this portal is considered separate to your responsibility to notify the HCPC about a health condition or change in our health that affects your ability to practise safely and effectively. Guidance on when you may need to tell the HCPC about a health condition that may affect your fitness to practise can be found on our website here.


  • You will need to complete this section. However, you can provide us with as much or as little information about yourself as you feel comfortable with, and ‘Prefer not to say’ is an option for every question.

  • This information will be used, alongside other data we collect, to help us produce more detailed reports like our EDI data surveys, report on any differentials we may see in our registration, or fitness to practise activities, and provide us with intelligence and insights to help shape our plans to be a fair, inclusive and compassionate regulator.

  • You may have completed one of the HCPC’s EDI surveys previously. These were conducted at a time when we did not have the capability to hold this information alongside your account, and we wanted to understand as much as we could about the professions we regulate. We are now asking you to complete this new section on your registration portal to ensure we only hold up to date, accurate information about you in a way that allows us to produce timely reports and analysis.

    Once you have completed this information, you will not need to do it again unless your circumstances change.

    If you would like to see how we used the information we gathered from these original surveys, you can see our reports here.

  • The old data is held securely and separately from your online account. It is only accessible to our data analysts, who will use the information to support our understanding of the diversity of the register and will inform the reports we will produce. We will retain your old information for no longer than strictly necessary.

Page updated on: 26/11/2021