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Our data on equality, diversity and inclusion

By delving into the data we hold, we can develop a better understanding of how different groups are affected by our processes

What equality, diversity and inclusion means to us

We intend that everybody should be equally able to access our services and be treated fairly and supported when doing so

My COVID-19 story - Rachel Williams

Rachael is the Deputy Superintendent Radiographer at St George's University Hospitals in London

Our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy

Our EDI strategy sets out how the HCPC intends to achieve our overarching vision of an actively anti-discriminatory organisation, and is supported by an EDI action plan

Employment in NHS Scotland

Potential employment with NHS Scotland Boards for registrants based in Scotland.

Communication and using social media

Our standards require registrants to communicate appropriately and effectively


Support and guidance relating to how health and care professionals handle information about service users

Supervision, leadership and culture

Working in partnership with colleagues, effective supervision and leadership are integral to the delivery of healthcare

Person-centred care

As a health and care professional, you must promote and protect the interests of service users and carers