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How the standards apply to students

Our standards form the foundation for how we regulate, explaining what we expect of our registrants and education and training programmes.

  • Standards relevant to education and training set out what education and training programme must do to prepare students for professional practice and they are used to assess education and training programmes
  • Standards of proficiency set out what registrants should know, understand and be able to do when they complete their training. They are standards you must meet in order to become registered, and remain on the Register
  • Standards of conduct, performance and ethics provides the ethical framework within which our registrants must work
  • Standards of continuing professional development explain our expectations for registrants to demonstrate continuing learning and development.

Our registrants need to meet the standards in order to maintain their registration.

As a student, you should be using the standards of proficiency and standards of conduct, performance and ethics to support your learning.

You should also be using the guidance on conduct and ethics for students, which has been based on the standards of conduct, performance and ethics. This will help you to become more familiar with those standards and to learn and embed the values and behaviours expected of a health and care professionals as you progress your education.

Additional learning materials are provided in this student hub, to support your learning around the standards.

Page updated on: 27/07/2023