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Section 4 – Practice outside of the United Kingdom (if applicable)

Details of your non-UK employers or places of practise

You only need to complete this section if you gained your qualification more than five years ago and you have been practising your profession outside of the UK since qualifying.

What you'll be asked

In this section we ask that you enter the details of each non-UK employer or place of practise you’ve had relating to your profession.

If you were registered with a regulatory body or similar organisation whilst practising outside the UK, please provide details for each body or organisation.

We will use these details to contact the individuals named, and ask them to verify your skills, knowledge and experience. We use email as the primary method of contact, but we ask for a postal address and phone number as supplementary methods of verification.

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Once you've checked your eligibility, read our standards and guidance and prepared your certified documents you can apply online
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