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You must be an HCPC-registered professional to use this logo and you must abide by the terms and conditions of use

If you download the logo and are not registered, you will be contacted by our enforcement team in the Fitness to Practise Department and we will take action against you.

HCPC registered logo

  • The "HCPC Registered" logo (the Logo) may be used by HCPC Registrants in accordance with these terms and conditions. Please note that the logo is referred to as a 'collective mark' below.

    Use of the Logo

    1. In order to use the Logo a person must:

    1.1 be a HCPC registrant (Registrant) in good standing; and
    1.2 comply with the conditions of use set out in Paragraphs 2 and 3.

    Conditions of Use

    2. The Logo may only be used:

    2.1 in connection with the name of an individual Registrant and not in respect of a company, firm or other business;
    2.2 on stationery, marketing materials, websites and signage controlled by a Registrant;
    2.3 in the form, colours and manner specified in the Schedule.

    3. The Logo must not be:

    3.1 used as part of any logo or trading name;
    3.2 adapted in any manner;
    3.3 used out of proportion with the Registrant's name or any other logo or mark; or
    3.4 included in an application for any trade mark or any similar application.

    Refusal, suspension and withdrawal of use

    4. The HCPC may refuse or withdraw permission for a Registrant to use the Logo if the registrant has:

    4.1 used the Logo without the consent of the HCPC;
    4.2 breached any condition in Paragraph 2 or 3; or
    4.3 misused any intellectual property right owned by the HCPC.

    5. The HCPC or any of its Practice Committees may suspend a Registrant's permission to use the Logo:

    5.1 during any investigation in respect of breach of Paragraph 2 or 3 or any other misuse of the Logo by the Registrant; or
    5.2 during any period that the Registrant is subject to a conditions of practice order or suspension order.


    6. Any misuse of the Logo or breach of these terms and conditions by a Registrant will be regarded as evidence of misconduct and may be pursued as an allegation under Part V of the Health Professions Order 2001.

    7. Any use of the Logo by any person who is not a Registrant is a criminal offence under Article 39(1) of the Health Professions Order 2001.

    The Schedule

    A. The Logo

    B. Form and colour etc. of the Logo

    The Logo may be used in three colourways:

    in blue (Pantone 294, CMYK values C100; M72; Y0; K26) on white;
    in black on white (only where colour is not available); or
    in white and reversed out on a dark background.
    The Logo must never be positioned on top of, or reversed out of, an image.

    The Logo must never be recreated in any way and must be reproduced using only approved digital files supplied by the HCPC.

    The Logo must never be squashed, stretched or manipulated in any manner.

    The Logo has an 'exclusion zone' - an area which should be kept clear around the Logo - equal to the height of the letter 'd' in the word 'registered'.
    The Logo should not be used below the minimum size of 20mm wide and should not be used vertically.

Download the logo

Terms and conditions
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