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Customer feedback

As an organisation, our aim is to provide the best customer service we can for all our registrants and stakeholders; that is why your feedback, good or bad, is so important to us

We realise that sometimes mistakes do happen, so if you are unhappy with something we have done or have not done, then please let us know. Your feedback is valuable to us as it can help us improve our service, and therefore the service you receive in the future.

Our aims

  • To acknowledge receipt of feedback within three working days
  • To respond to feedback within 15 working days
  • To keep you regularly updated as to the progress of your enquiry if the issue has not been resolved within agreed times
  • To deal with all feedback in an effective, fair and confidential manner
  • To ensure continuous learning is taken from feedback and implemented


How to contact us

Please send feedback to:

Feedback and Complaints Manager
The Health and Care Professions Council 
Park House, 184-186 Kennington Park Road
London, SE11 4BU

Alternatively, please complete our feedback form:

Fitness to practise decisions

The customer service process is designed for addressing complaints you may have about the service we provide, such as our timeliness of response. It is not designed to deal with complaints you may have about decisions included in the outcome of fitness to practise cases.

If your complaint is about a fitness to practise decision made by a Panel where the process is prescribed by law or there is a legal right of appeal we cannot interfere with that decision.

Examples are:

  • A decision by an Investigating Committee Panel
  • A decision by a Conduct and Competence Committee Panel
  • A decision by a Health Committee Panel
  • A decision by a Registration Appeals Panel

If your complaint is about an administrative fitness to practise decision made on the basis of HCPC policy or guidelines, we cannot vary such a decision unless an investigation shows that the policy or guidelines were wrongly applied or new and material evidence has become available.

Examples are:

  • A decision that an allegation does not meet the threshold criteria for a fitness to practise investigation
  • The publication of a hearing outcome on our website

Appeals of hearing decisions

Information about how registrants may appeal against a hearing decision by a panel of one of our practice committees can be found on the Health Care Professions Tribunal Service website here.

Judicial Reviews and other legal challenges or applications

Applications for Judicial Review must be made to the High Court or Court of Session in Scotland within three months of the decision that you wish to judicially review. Further information about the Judicial Review process can be found on the website. You should get legal advice if you are considering applying for a Judicial Review or commencing any other legal action.

Pre-action letters, copies of claim forms and any other correspondence or documents relating to a Judicial Review or other legal challenge or application should be sent to the HCPC by email to

If you would like further information on the above, please contact the Feedback and Complaints Manager on:



The information regarding customer service is designed to be as accessible as possible, we provide alternative methods of communication where required, for more information please click here.

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