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Consultation workshop: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics - duty of candour


Dydd Mawrth 16 Mai, 2023




This workshop has now taken place. Attendees can download a certificate of attendance.

The HCPC’s Standards of conduct, performance and ethics are integral to ensuring high quality professional practice in the 15 professions we regulate. The Standards require periodic review. We began the current review in May 2022.

The purpose of this review is three-fold:

  • To make any necessary updates to the current Standards that reflect changes to practice.
  • To ensure that the current Standards are fit for practice, particularly taking accessibility and relevance into account.
  • To gain insight into how we can better communicate the Standards and promote them to ensure they are fully understood by registrants.

We have drafted revised Standards of conduct performance and ethics, and the guidance on social media that sits alongside them. These revisions have been made based on evidence gathered from desk research on health and care practice and pre-consultation stakeholder engagement.

The revisions fall under five key themes:

  • equality diversity and inclusion
  • communication with colleagues, service users and carers
  • duty of candour
  • upskilling and training responsibilities
  • managing existing health conditions and disabilities in the workplace.

An additional theme – sustainability in health and care – is discussed in the consultation to explore future revision to the Standards. 

To support the consultation period, we are hosting six workshops. These workshops will explore each key theme of the consultation and gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the revisions we have made.

This workshop is on duty of candour

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