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Launch of consultation on English language proficiency

16 Hyd 2023

We have launched a consultation on our English language proficiency requirements for applicants who use our international route to get onto the Register.

The consultation will run from Monday 16 October 2023 to Friday 19 January 2024, and the final English language proficiency requirements will be published in 2024.

Communicating effectively in English is a key part of safe and effective practice for the professionals on our Register.

We are proposing changes which will provide more ways for international applicants to evidence their proficiency in English whilst also ensuring our processes remain robust and fair.

The proposals were developed following an internal review of our current processes, assessing informal feedback from stakeholders, and looking closely at the processes followed by other UK regulators to see where we can use similar approaches.


Upcoming webinars 

During the consultation period we will carry out engagement with service users and the public, people joining the UK workforce, employers, professional bodies and trade unions, educators and English test providers.

We will also host webinars to discuss the proposed revisions. You can register for the upcoming events below:


How to respond

Feedback from this consultation will be used to further develop the English language proficiency requirements before their final publication in 2024.

You can read more about the new proposals and provide a response to the consultation by visiting the below page.  

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