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PSA review highlights significant progress made by the HCPC

28 Meh 2023

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has today published its annual performance review of the HCPC.

The HCPC has met 16 of the 18 Standards of Good Regulation, regaining two fitness to practise (FTP) standards and one standard linked to registration.

The report recognises the progress the HCPC has made and the positive impact its improvement programme has had so far. The PSA’s findings are in line with the HCPC’s expectations of its current performance, but there is a recognition that there is still more work to be done to achieve the two remaining FTP standards.

To achieve these standards, the HCPC will continue its FTP Improvement Programme, focusing on improving the quality and timeliness of its investigations, and ensuring all those involved in an FTP case are supported to participate effectively.

Andrew Smith, Interim Deputy Chief Executive said:

“We are pleased to have met 16 of the PSA’s Standards of Good Regulation. Our improved performance is a clear reflection of the dedication and hard work of all our teams across the HCPC, and our commitment to being a high performing, adaptable and caring regulator that ensures public protection through strong, evidence-based regulation.

“We have significantly improved our FTP and Registration performance, and to have our progress reflected in the PSA’s report is a positive endorsement that we are making the right changes. These changes are having an impact on our performance which benefits patients, service users and registrants. However, we are acutely aware there are further improvements needed to help us achieve our goal of meeting all 18 Standards of Good Regulation, and our focus is now firmly on meeting the two remaining FTP standards and continuing to meet the standards already achieved.”


Christine Elliott, Chair of the HCPC commented:

“The PSA’s report rightly recognises the significant work done by all HCPC teams to deliver our regulatory duties to a high standard. This report should assure patients, service users and registrants that our work is subject to external scrutiny, and that we are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for them.

“While we have delivered well on many of our strategic improvements, we now look forward to being next in the Government’s programme of regulatory reform. The HCPC needs updated and forward-thinking legislation to allow us to be more flexible and innovative as a regulator and to perform with maximum efficiency.”


Read the full PSA report

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