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Concerns about employees

If a concern is raised about an employee, we may ask you for information as their employer or manager

Sharing information with employers

When a concern is raised about one of your employees by a third party we may need to ask you for information as their employer or manager. This may include, for example, further information about a particular incident or the service user records of the person who has complained.

Under Article 25(1) of the Health Professions Order 2001 we have the power to require an organisation to provide us with information relevant to a fitness to practise investigation. This power overrides the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and other data protection safeguards. We will let you know if we intend to use this power.

Fitness to practise cases are private and we do not publicise the fact that we are investigating a registrant. If we are investigating one of your employees we will let you know. We will update you on the progress of the case and tell you the outcome.

Each month we issue an alerts list which gives details of Investigating Committee Panel case to answer decisions, final hearing outcomes and registrants who have had Interim Orders made against them. To receive these alerts, please email us at

Can an employee continue to work during an investigation?

Employees can continue to practise whilst we investigate a matter unless we have imposed an Interim Order on their registration, which may limit their practice, or prevent them from working altogether. An Interim Suspension Order will prevent an employee from working until such time as we lift the suspension. An Interim Conditions of Practice Order allows an employee to continue working subject to certain restrictions. In these cases, an employee may ask their employer or manager for support in complying with their conditions.

You can find out if an employee is subject to an Interim Order by searching our online Register.

Registrants cannot remove themselves from the Register whilst there are ongoing fitness to practise proceedings.

Supporting your employee

We understand that employers and managers often want to provide guidance and support to employees who are going through the fitness to practise process.

It may be helpful to suggest that your employee seeks advice from their union or professional body, Citizens Advice or independent legal advice. 

We have partnered with CiC, a leading wellbeing service provider, to give independent, confidential and free emotional support and practical advice to all HCPC registrants involved in the FTP process. You may want to encourage your employee to access our free registrant support service.

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