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The Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS) is the hearings service of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Although it is part of the HCPC, the distinct identity of the HCPTS seeks to emphasise that hearings are conducted and managed by independent Panels which are at arm’s length from the HCPC.

Cases received by the HCPC are referred to the HCPTS for a hearing following initial investigation and after Investigating Committee decided there was a case to answer.

Health and Care Professions Tribunal 

Allegations are considered by the Panels that hear and make decisions on behalf of the three Practice Committees:

A Conduct and Competence Panel will hear cases concerning misconduct, lack of competence, a conviction or caution, or a determination by another regulatory body. Cases that concern the health of the registrant are heard before a Health Panel. For cases concerning an incorrect or fraudulent Register entry, an Investigating Panel will hear the case.

Visit the Health and Care Professional Tribunal Service website to learn more

The Tribunal Service team

The Tribunal Services team provides operational support to the Tribunal. The team is responsible for the scheduling of all fitness to practise proceedings as well as providing support to Panels and other participants attending a hearing.

Further information about the fitness to practise hearings process and hearing decisions can be found on the HCPTS website.

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