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Be visible, engaged and informed

Aim: We regulate, take and communicate decisions which are informed by a deep understanding of the environment within which our registrants, employers and education providers operate

In 2023–24, we continued to engage and inform our stakeholders from registrants to service users, professional bodies, employers, and education providers through our programme of events, webinars and articles, as well as the work of our Professional Liaison Service.

In 2024–25, we will strengthen our engagement with the public and service users, through a partnership with the Patients Association to integrate the patient perspective on key HCPC projects and initiatives. 

Last year we began a programme of site visits by our Chief Executive to the workplaces of some of our registrants. We plan to continue this in 2024–25. We will also conduct broader external engagement at sector events to add the HCPC’s voice to topics which impact the entire health and care system including workforce planning, patient safety, and the use of technology.

We are now halfway through our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (2021–26) and have built on the core foundations from our Action Plan to increase our data gathering and analysis. 

Last year, we published analysis on EDI factors and FTP referrals, and in 2024–25 we will further this work to look at the impact of EDI factors on FTP outcomes and registration decisions. We will also develop an evidence-based framework for assessment of education providers as part of our education quality assurance.

In 2024-25 we will further this aim by:


HCPC Service User Strategy

  • Establish a working partnership with the Patients Association. This will include the recruitment of a patient panel, focus groups, and sharing the HCPC’s consultations and updates via Patients Association platforms. This partnership will also inform our work on the review of the SETs.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Continue to deliver the EDI Strategy and Action Plan.
  • Begin work required to maintain the revised PSA EDI Standard including collecting EDI data of FTP complainants, analysing EDI data for registration decisions.
  • Develop an evidence-based framework for assessment of education provider performance against our education standards linked to EDI


Stakeholder engagement

  • Develop and implement a forward-looking programme for engaging and listening to registrants, employers, and other stakeholders around key issues including patient safety and workforce planning.
  • Measure and evaluate the impact of our current engagement fora, such as the professional bodies forum.


Council Apprentice scheme

  • Review learnings from the last four years of the scheme and evaluate its impact on the careers of our previous apprentices. 
  • Share our learning and insight with other regulators and organisations to widen its impact. 
  • Develop the Council Apprentice alumni network
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