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To verify your identity, you'll need one proof of identity document and one proof of address document

You must upload certified copies of these documents. 

Proof of identity

This document must show your photographic ID. You can upload:

  • Your current passport, or
  • Your current national identification card

Proof of address

This document must showing your full name and current address. You can upload:

  • A household utility bill for electricity, gas, water or a fixed telephone line (the utility bill cannot be more than six months old; mobile telephone bills from outside of the UK are not accepted);
  • A current full driving licence issued in the UK, another EEA State or Switzerland;
  • A bank, building society, credit card or mortgage statement which is no more than six months old;
  • A local government tax bill (eg council tax) valid for the current year;
  • An HM Revenue & Customs tax document, such as a tax assessment, statement of account or notice of coding which is no more than six months old (forms P45 and P60 are not accepted).

Name and name change

If your application is made in a name which differs from that on your identity documents or qualifications, you will need also to provide us with certified copies of the documents that explain that difference (for example, your marriage certificate).


Keeping your details up to date

It is important that the personal and contact information you provide us is up to date.

For security reasons we are unable to accept changes by email. If your personal or contact information needs to be updated please contact us by telephone. We may ask you to confirm some changes in writing or to provide us with supporting evidence.

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