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This page asks for some initial details to create your application

All applicants need to complete this page of the form. When you’ve entered the required information on this page, you’ll be able to move to the next page of the form. More information on how to answer these is below.

What you'll be asked

Application type

Select International to apply via the international application route. If you aren’t sure whether you should apply via the international route, please see the eligibility criteria.

Application number

Please leave this blank. It will be automatically generated.

Have you previously applied for registration with the HCPC or Health Professions Council (HPC)?

If you have never applied for registration before or have begun an application for registration but not submitted it, please select no.

Please select yes if you have previously applied for registration with (or are already registered with) one or more of the following:

  • The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • The Health Professions Council (HPC)
  • The Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine (CPSM)

You will be asked to provide your previous application number, or your HCPC registration number if applicable.

Refugee status, humanitarian status, Swiss Mutual Recognition (SMR) applications

If you have one of these statuses, or are making a SMR application, you’ll need to complete a paper application form. You can find more information on the eligibility page.

Initial declarations

Please tick the boxes to confirm you have done the following:


Profession, modality and specialism

You only need to complete this section if your profession entails one or more modalities. Modalities are different disciplines within a profession.

Make sure the profession for which you are applying is displayed, and click Add modality to search the list. Click Submit to add the modality.

If you are a clinical scientist, you will be invited to select your specialism from the drop-down list.

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