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What happens at this stage of the process?

Our assessors may request further information from you regarding your application. We'll advise you by email if this is the case.

You'll need to send us the requested details in order for your application to continue. This is likely to prolong the processing time of your application. 

For this reason it's important that you include as much relevant information as possible when you submit your application.

How do I provide further information?

If the assessors request further information, we'll contact you by email to let you know. This email will include your Record of Assessment, which details the assessors’ feedback, and a cover sheet.

To provide the further information, you'll need to send us the information requested, along with the completed cover sheet by email.

Please make sure you read the guidance included within the request before you submit your further information.

What we accept

We will only accept further information that:

  1. Addresses the gaps the assessors have identified. Our assessors need to see that your experience and/or training allows you to fully meet the standards of proficiency for your profession. Therefore, the further information you submit must relate to your professional experience and/or the training you completed before applying and it must address the gaps in your Record of Assessment.
  2. Is a reflection on your own experience. If you submit reflections on your professional experience or training, please ensure they are in-depth, detailed examinations of real-life cases within a real-world context. For example, you could reflect on the care or treatment you provided for an individual patient or service user. We do not accept further information submissions based on fictional accounts or made-up case studies.
  3. Is your own work. We only accept further information that is authentic. This means it must be written by you and must not be plagiarised or copied from any other source. We will check your submission against other sources to ensure this is the case. If plagiarism is detected, we will contact you by email and advise you of the next steps. Find our more in our plagiarism policy and guidance.
  4. Is true and reliable. We will contact your third-party referee to verify this, we will use the details you provide in the cover sheet.

Verifying your further infromation

To ensure that the information you have provided is reliable, we will ask your third-party referee to verify it. We therefore ask that you provide contact details in your cover sheet for an individual who is able to do this.

Include professional contact details

You should provide us with the professional contact details of an individual at that organisation who is able to confirm the information you have given.

We will contact this referee and ask them to verify the information. If we do not receive a response or are unable to verify your information fully, we will email you to let you know and request alternative contact details to complete our verification check.

Official email addresses

We cannot accept unofficial or personal email addresses for professional referees. The email address you provide must use the official domain of their organisation, rather than an unofficial domain such as Gmail or Hotmail.

If your workplace has no official web domain, we need to see that it is clearly linked to the organisation and independently verify this. For example, this would be verifiable if a Gmail address is given on a website owned by your workplace, which we can access.

If we are unable to validate the email address, we will contact you to let you know and request alternative contact details to complete our verification check. We will not be able to finalise your application if we cannot verify your information.

How long does this part of the process take?

We currently have a high number of applications in this stage.

If you've sent us your further information: It currently takes us around 2 months to check and process the additional information you've sent us.

If we're satisfied that the further information you've sent us is complete and ready to be assessed: We will aim to provide you with an outcome from the assessors' review of this information within 3 months.

What happens next?

You'll receive an update from us when we're ready to review your further information.

You'll receive another update once our assessors have completed their review of the the information you've provided.

Our team is focused on progressing all applications, so we're unable to acknowledge receipt of your documents in the meantime.

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