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How we contact you and protecting yourself against fraud

We never use automated phone calls or voice messages in relation to your registration or fitness to practise.

We do send out automated emails and SMS text messages via our online system in the following scenarios:

  • when we invite you to renew your registration.
  • to inform you that you have been selected for CPD, and how to submit your profile online.
  • reminders for when the deadline nears for submitting your renewal and CPD
  • sending applicants confirmation that their application has been successful. 
  • payment links to process application forms (email only)

We never ask for direct payments in via text. We do however send payment links for applications via email. This would include an application number in the subject line of the email (i.e. 'Payment for AA123456'). The email will also include what the payment is for, so if you have submitted an application form with us, then you can expect an email to pay for the fees when processed. 

How to protect yourself against fraud

Here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from fraud:

  • Never give out your password or login details for your online account.
  • Contact our Registration team straight away if you think someone might have access to your online account.
  • Always log into your online account to make a payment via our official website, or call us to make a payment over the phone.

Do not feel embarrassed about reporting suspicious behaviour, when it comes to your online account.

Reporting suspicious activity

If you receive an email or an SMS text message that you think is not genuine, then please do not reply to this message. Instead, contact our registration team who will be able to assist.

Reporting crime like fraud, however minor, is important as it helps the authorities prevent it from happening to others.

See links to The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Metropolitan Police where you can report fraud online. 

Still have a question about your details?

For more information about your details, please contact our Registration team:

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