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HCPC statement on individuals and companies offering assistance to applicants seeking to join our Register

25 Medi 2023

We have recently been made aware that individuals and companies are offering services to complete applications to join the HCPC Register.

We do not endorse any services that offer to complete an application on someone else’s behalf.

Applications to join the HCPC Register must be completed by the person applying to join the Register. It is essential that the information provided in a registration application is a true statement of that person's qualification(s) and experience.

If we establish that the content of a registration application is untrue, it may be rejected on the basis that the applicant is not able to demonstrate that they are of good character and capable of safe and effective practice.

We will take action where it comes to our attention that someone has used such a service to register with us. This can include removing someone from our Register if their entry is incorrect or fraudulent.

Similarly, if we receive information that an HCPC registrant has been offering services to assist another person to register with us incorrectly or fraudulently we will pursue this through our Fitness to Practise processes.

Using these services also risks prosecution. It is an offence under the Health Professions Order (2001) to fraudulently procure, or try to procure the making, amendment, removal or restoration of an entry in our Register.

If a business or individual makes use of the HCPC logo to promote this type of service, it is in breach of our policy on the use of the HCPC logo.

If you have any questions about this or if you require support to complete your application please contact our Registration team.

There is also support and guidance on completing your application on our website.

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