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Paying renewal fees

The renewal fee is £232.72 for two years (£116.36 per year). If you are a new UK graduate from an HCPC approved course, the fee you will pay for the first two 'professional years' is reduced by 50 percent to £116.36 (£58.18 per year).

The amount you are personally required to pay is indicated when we invite you to renew your registration.  

How to pay

Renewal fees can be paid in one upfront payment or by multiple payments via direct debit. You can choose what payment option you prefer via your online account. 

Paying by direct debit allows you to spread the cost of registration over the two-year registration cycle.

Your fee will be taken from your bank account through four separate instalments of £58.18 (or less for the first two years if you are receiving the reduced rate), at the beginning of your renewal period.

To set up a direct debit, log into your online account where you can update your payment details. You can also set up a new direct debit instruction online. 

To make a secure payment online for your renewal fee, and to pay it all in one go, head to your online account

Please allow up to three days for your payment to reach our account – payment processing speeds can differ depending on your bank.

Help with using your online account


When to pay

Renewal fees can be paid in one upfront payment at the start of the renewal window or by four installments paid every six months, over the two-year cycle.

See below a chart of the dates each profession can expect a direct debit collection for their fees:

Profession Direct debit collection dates
Arts therapists 1 April 1 October
Biomedical scientists 1 April 1 October
Chiropodists/Podiatrists 1 June 1 December
Clinical scientists 1 February 1 August
Dietitians 1 May 1 November
Hearing aid dispensers 1 June 1 December
Occupational therapists 1 March 1 September
Operating department practitioners 1 April 1 October
Orthoptists 2 January 1 July
Paramedics 2 January 1 July
Physiotherapists 1 March 1 September
Practitioner psychologists 1 April 1 October
Prosthetists/orthotists 1 February 1 August
Radiographers       1 January  1 July
Speech and language therapists 1 February 1 August

Outstanding Renewal fees are due by the end of your current renewal window.

If your payments have not been received by this date, your name may be removed from the Register. We will contact you if you have any outstanding payments, so please make sure that your contact information is up to date on our records. In a situation where there are outstanding or failed payments, please also note that we may request for the amount owed to be paid by bank transfer


If you don't pay

If you do not renew your registration, your name will be removed from the register and you will be asked to pay a readmission fee to become registered again. This fee will include the first year of registration.

We will not charge a readmission fee if we receive an application for readmission within one month of the date your registration lapses. However, you will still need to complete the readmission form and pay the registration fee.


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